Breakfast for Health

Hands up if you eat breakfast at least 5 days a week, especially if you consider your breakfast a healthy one. Note the word ‘healthy’ because it’s very important.

Where things get murky is figuring out what constitutes a healthy breakfast. Is it a well-made glass of green smoothie? A fresh fish salad? Some pancakes, scrambled egg-whites and bacon?

All of these options are healthy and you should be proud of yourself if you are choosing these foods.

Why Eat Breakfast?

We are taught early on that calories are not created equal, and so it matters when you consume them. Breakfast for healthy living should be macro balanced, this means that you should have complex carbohydrates, lean protein and some fat. Aside from the obvious point, being full early in the day will lead to sustained energy and concentration.

Your metabolism is what determines how many calories your body burns at rest (without rigorous physical activity). Several factors including genetics, muscle/fat composition, age, gender and overall health affect this number.

Starting the day off with the right breakfast tells the body to start utilizing energy and burning calories. Most people incorrectly often associate the extra ‘hunger’ from eating breakfast with the body burning more calories and consequentially needing more food. How quickly you feel hungry after breakfast is directly related to what you eat.

What to Eat?

Breakfast is fuel for the body. Starting your day by eating a healthy meal is like giving your body premium speed through the day. But eating the right kind of breakfast is crucial, so ensure it includes quality ingredients such as fibre, protein and fat. These nutrients are key for sustained energy.

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