Organic Food Really is Healthier

Many people today still think organic food is mostly hype and a means for agriculturists to charge consumers more money for the benefits of richer, cleaner soil, as well as the absence of pesticides and genetically modified chemicals.

However, in truth, organic foods are more nutritious and taste better. A study conducted by Newcastle University and funded by the European Union found that organic food contains higher levels of antioxidants and flavonoids, less unhealthy fats, as well as higher levels of valuable minerals.

According to the study, organic milk has 50% to 80% more antioxidants than milk from non-organic cattle and  many organic foods, from onions and cabbage to potatoes and wheat, have 20% to 50% more minerals than non-organic varieties.

Research is ongoing to ascertain what the logical difference is to produce such staggering results, as well as why organic food has a higher nutritional content.

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